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Why Pilates?

To develop control over movement

To develop control over a better posture

To develop control over physical vitality

Improve the way we look and feel

Joseph Pilates believed that mindful intention behind a movement was the key to developing muscle control, correcting postural imbalances and restoring energy levels.

My Approach

Individualized programs which are forever changing and adapting depending on needs on any particular day.


Visual and mental focus, essential to gain muscle control.


Quality movement is most beneficial and less harmful to joints and muscles.


Core muscles are "powerhouse" and primary focus of strength, stability and control.


Purposeful movement with good body alignment develops better muscle patterns for everyday activities.

My Aim

To challenge an individual's ability to have a true 'full body' focus combining the need to stabilize the lower back with strong abdominal muscles 'powerhouse' as well as creating a strong stable shoulder girdle whilst co-ordinating isolated movement of the limbs.

To develop and strengthen the muscles of middle and upper back for better posture, increasing the endurance of these postural muscles will help alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

To develop spinal mobility, increasing range of motion and releasing muscle and joint tension to work towards correcting postural imbalances, increasing flexibility and mobility and making the body less susceptible to injury.

It's time efficient exercise as you get results faster!

Pilates at Heidis


Heidi Poda is a Personal Trainer, holding Certificates III and IV in Fitness and registered with Fitness Australia.

Whether your goals are to LOSE WEIGHT or you are TRAINING FOR AN ENDURANCE EVENT like the OXFAM 100km walk, Heidi provides you with the means to SUCCEED.

The beautiful training grounds at Heidi’s contain a fully equipped gym with lots of innovative equipment making training very functional, an outdoor pool and spa and plenty of room to move.

You can use a 30 degrees incline trainer that is designed to make fat disappear.

For a FIT, TRIM & HEALTHY YOU, make sure you WORK HARD and PLAY HARD @Heidi’s.


Heidi Poda is a highly qualified Pilates Instructor with a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction.

Pilates exercises are for your whole body. They will improve your core strength. To do these exercises you need to focus your mind and use good breathing techniques to achieve your goals faster. Heidi’s private studio and very small classes (no more than 2) ensures results faster.

Improved core strength is the foundation for all other exercise and movement.

Pilates will improve your posture and this can take pressure off painful joints in your body. People with bad backs who practice Pilates regularly will suffer less painful episodes as their core muscles become stronger.

Heidi will guide you step by step, in your quest to become stronger, more balanced and more energised.

Heidi’s studio is furnished with the finest, modern Pilates equipment. Individual, Group studio and Mat classes are offered. To reach your goals faster Heidi can integrate both Pilates and Personal training within your session.

See Heidi twice a week to help you reach your goals even faster!